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Performance: Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT

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Performance: Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT

Producer: Studio za raziskavo umetnosti igre/ Studio for the research on the art of acting
Partners: Španski borci, Federacija, PTL, Bunker

Authors and performers:
No!training Lab team: Barbara Kanc, Barabra Ribnikar, Jan Rozman, Kaja Lorenci, Katja Legin, Nataša Živković

Artistic team:
Light design: Tomi Janežič
Sound design: SZ3
Scenography and costumography: No!training Lab
Costume advice: Marina Sremac
Technical manager: Luka Curk

Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT was made in a dialogue with the novel Slowness by Milan Kundera. The story of the novel was taken as a frame from which authors drew the literary time - space and motives for the performance, in which the themes of the novel are then questioned, associated on and carried out performatively. Similarly as Kundera in a relation to the substance of the novel, the performance tries to be in relation to what it stages, often shifting between- or bein…


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Open call for participation in the program “Art, Politics, Institution, Body” / APIB / Locomotiva – Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture announces an open call for participation in the first, of this type, continuous program titled “Art, Politics, Institution, Body”.
The call is open to young professionals who want to be theoretically upgraded, in writing, analyzing as well as curating in the field of contemporary performing arts.
The main goal of the program is to open up an opportunity to young professionals to critical reflection and comparative analysis of contemporary arts, and to perceive artist’s practices and cultural activities through the prism of the contemporary context.
Viewing and reflecting art in relation to the context, that is, other public spheres, areas is the approach through which we will discuss contemporary performing arts, and we will look at the notions of art, politics, institution and body, and their relations.
In con…