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Ana Stojanoska, Ph.D. Writer and Theatre scholar :"THE VIEWER IN CONTEMPORARY PERFORMING ARTS"/Предавање: Д-р Ана Стојаноска, театролог „ГЛЕДАЧОТ ВО СОВРЕМЕНИТЕ ИЗВЕДУВАЧКИ УМЕТНОСТИ“

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The lecture „THE SPECTATOR IN CONTEMPORERY PERFORMING ARTS“, 9 October at 19h, is part of the program „Art: Politics: Institutions: Body“, organized by LOKOMOTIVA – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture
As part of the program ,will be organised
the public lecture on October 9 at 19:00 at Kino Kulutra- project space for contemporary performong arts and contemporary culture and
closed workshop on Oktober 9 , intended for a group of young professionals who are part of the program „A.P.I.B.“
General introduction into the Workshops/ Lectures
The Contemporary theory on reception is about the viewer and his impact in the arts of performing. Because, the space in watching one theater performance it’s extended, and with that it’s extending the meaning about the theater, the viewer should adapt of the new conditions, and with that to adapt and it’s own expectations and knowledge for the contemporary theater.
This lecture it’s focused on the uncovering …